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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject [karaf boot] Added a DS sample with Servlet and JPA and slightly different setup
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2015 14:54:12 GMT
I found a bit of time to work on the karaf-boot effort JB initiated at last.
I adapted the tasklist example from aries jpa for karaf boot.

You can find the result in a branch:

The example contains a JPA persistence unit, a TaskService which 
implements a JPA based repository and a servlet using the http-whiteboard.

I did a little different approach to what JB used with the starter pom 
and the karaf boot plugin.

- I created a karaf-boot-api with the same idea like the enroute 
base-api. It is a pom that contains all APIs you will likely need for 
starting a real business application.
This is the only dependency of the sample. So people starting with this 
pom will be able to start coding business code without thinking about 
the necessary libs.
I also put some test dependencies there like slf4j and junit to help 
people with creating tests.
- I also created a karaf-boot-parent as a parent for all karaf-boot 
samples. It sets up all the necessary plugins like maven-bundle-plugin 
or compiler-plugin. This is different
from JBs approach of using a karaf-boot-plugin. I think the parent 
approach is better as it is easier to understand and extend. People can 
look into the parent to see what it does
and when their project grows they can copy/paste the useful parts into 
their own parent.
- I externalized the osgi settings using an osgi.bnd file. This allows 
to easily customize the OSGi settings without redefining the 
maven-bundle-plugin. It is also compatible to bndtools 3.1
as far as I can tell. So it should make it easier to work on the code 
using bndtools.

Apart from that I created a small stub for defining a feature using 
This is how it could look like:

          features = {"jpa", "transaction", "hibernate", "http"},
          configFile = "org.ops4j.datasource-tasklist.cfg"

The idea is to add this annotation to any class and then let a yet to be 
written karaf-feature plugin create a feature.xml from it.
The result would be a feature with the given name and dependencies. The 
feature would by default also contain the current bundle. So this would 
allow to start with one maven project that contains everything to easily
get a small business application running.

So some things left to do are:
- plugin for the feature creation
- plugin for packaging a self contained karaf including the application 
and all deps and config. More or less this can be done with the current 
karaf-maven-plugin but we need to tune it so it needs less configuration.
- plugin for running the application from the command line
- artifact for creating new karaf-boot applications
- documentation for the transition to a larger multi project setup with 
its own parent. Maybe a separate artifact would also do, not sure
- Integration with bndtools to give the user a nicer IDE for OSGi than 
plain eclipse

I would be happy about any feedback.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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