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From karaf <ka...@volkeralthaus.de>
Subject Custom console commands: return value or print on System.out?
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2015 09:25:37 GMT
I would implement my own console commands but I'm not sure how to do it
The command should print something on the console, so my first attempt was
to simply return the String
in my execute(...) method. This worked like a charm and I also could write
Unit tests with assertions on the returned value.

But when I wrote integration tests according to
I realized that the standard Karaf commands print their output on
System.out and execute(...) returns null.
If I implement both, the output appears on the console twice of course.

I could rewrite my command implementation to use System.out, but then my
Unit tests have also to be rewritten (temporarily redirect System.out to
another PrintStream - IMHO not a nice workaround).

Question: What is the purpose of the return value of
Unfortunately it is not commented.

Question: What is the correct way for own commands? Return the value or
print on System.out? In my opinion it would be nicer if the commands simply
return their value and
the calling framework decides where to print it.


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