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From Giuseppe Gerla <giuseppe.ge...@gmail.com>
Subject Uninstall bundle and package dependency
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 17:10:51 GMT
Hi all
I see a strange behavior about bundles life cycle management i Karaf.
I have a bundle "Sample Dependent" that depends from a bundles "Sample
Dependency". I install both bundle in karaf and they go in Started state.
Suppose that "Sample Dependency" has id 87 and "Sample Dependent" has id 88.
If I digit

uninstall 87

I would expect that bundle 88 will go in Installed (not resolved) state.
Instead the bundle "Sample Dependent" remains in Started.
Also if I do refresh or update, the bundle remain in Started.
If I restart karaf I see that the bundle "Sample Dependent" is not resolved.

In the file system folder /data/cache I see that bundle 87 relative folder
is not deleted until karaf is running. This explain the behavior.

My question is: is this the desired behavior? Or the desired behavior is
what I expected?

N.B. if I use the deploy folder, after removing the bundle "Sample
Dependency" the bundle "Sample Dependent" goes in Installed state.


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