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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Roadmap
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:57:28 GMT
Hi all,

In the latest weeks, we discussed about different topics and changes for 
Karaf. We had very interesting different proposals, discussions, etc. 
However, some discussions were on IRC, so it's not easy for everybody to 

I would like to summarise the different topics and build a roadmap.

I gonna update the roadmap wiki page:

But before updating the wiki page, I would like to share with you all 
the different topics and provide a global picture overview.

1/ Short term (3.0.x/3.1.x)
- Fixed and enhancements on the maven-karaf-plugin. It's on my TODO for 
today. It includes several fixes, add more tests, and support of Maven 
- Usage of commons-daemon. As we are stuck to a old Tanuki JSW wrapper 
(license issue), I prepared the usage of Apache commons-daemon on a 
branch. I will push this branch to let you take a look.
- Samples and developer guide. I prepared a branch where I replaced the 
demos modules with samples modules. The purpose is to illustrate the 
developer guide (that I refactored/enhanced too) with CDI, JPA, etc samples.
- Net/minimal distributions. In addition of the "standard" distribution, 
we will provide two other distributions: the net is very very minimal 
and will download all artifacts from remote repository (Internet) at 
startup, on the other hand, minimal distribution contains a minimal 
system repository and allow to easily construct custom distribution.
- Reduce number of bundles: with Karaf 3.0.0, we introduced multiple 
bundles: in Karaf itself, or due to dependency projects (like Pax URL 
for instance). If I think it's good, maybe we want a bit far and, if 
possible, I would reduce the number of bundles started.
- Own versioning for Spring and Enteprise Karaf Features: now, to 
upgrade to new version of Spring, Hibernate, OpenJPA, etc, we have to 
release a new version of Karaf. Of course, the Karaf features should be 
provided by the projects themselves, but waiting this, I would like to 
manage Spring and Enterprise Karaf features as "standalone". The 
codebase stays where it's, but instead of depending to Karaf parent POM, 
it will depend directly to Apache POM and excluded from the Karaf reactor.

2/ Middle term (3.1.x/future)
- Blueprint dependency and more usage of pure OSGi/DS. Now, lot of Karaf 
modules depend to blueprint (for IoC or namespace handler). In order to 
minimise the footprint, and avoid some issues (like proxy), it would be 
great to set Blueprint as optional and more use pure OSGi or DS 
internally in Karaf. We should also provide a better "advertising" about 
DS support.
- Generic shell commands. Now, projects (like CXF, Camel, etc) depends 
to Karaf shell modules (and console by transitivity). The purpose is:
1/ simplify the usage/coding of commands (providing annotation especially)
2/ avoid the dependency to blueprint (especially the namespace handler)
3/ reduce the dependency
4/ provide a better support of Felix Gogo shell in Karaf

Again, the purpose of this e-mail is not to details each section, but to 
provide a global picture. The details will go into the corresponding Jira.

Thoughts ?

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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