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From conflue...@apache.org
Subject [CONF] Apache Karaf > Index
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 10:35:00 GMT
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    <h2><a href="https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/KARAF/Index">Index</a></h2>
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<p>Apache Karaf is a small OSGi based runtime which provides a lightweight container
onto which various components and applications can be deployed.</p>

<p>Here is a short list of features supported by the Karaf:</p>
	<li><b>Hot deployment</b>: Karaf supports hot deployment of OSGi bundles
by monitoring jar files inside the <tt>[home]/deploy</tt> directory.  Each time
a jar is copied in this folder, it will be installed inside the runtime.  You can then update
or delete it and changes will be handled automatically.  In addition, the Karaf also supports
exploded bundles and custom deployers (blueprint and spring ones are included by default).</li>
	<li><b>Dynamic configuration</b>: Services are usually configured through
the ConfigurationAdmin OSGi service.  Such configuration can be defined in Karaf using property
files inside the <tt>[home]/etc</tt> directory.  These configurations are monitored
and changes on the properties files will be propagated to the services.</li>
	<li><b>Logging System</b>: using a centralized logging back end supported
by Log4J, Karaf supports a number of different APIs (JDK 1.4, JCL, SLF4J, Avalon, Tomcat,
	<li><b>Provisioning</b>: Provisioning of libraries or applications can
be done through a number of different ways, by which they will be downloaded locally, installed
and started.</li>
	<li><b>Native OS integration</b>: Karaf can be integrated into your own
Operating System as a service so that the lifecycle will be bound to your Operating System.</li>
	<li><b>Extensible Shell console</b>: Karaf features a nice text console
where you can manage the services, install new applications or libraries and manage their
state.  This shell is easily extensible by deploying new commands dynamically along with new
features or applications.</li>
	<li><b>Remote access</b>: use any SSH client to connect to Karaf and issue
commands in the console</li>
	<li><b>Security framework</b> based on JAAS</li>
	<li><b>Managing instances</b>: Karaf provides simple commands for managing
multiple instances. You can easily create, delete, start and stop instances of Karaf through
the console.</li>
	<li>Supports the latest OSGi 4.2 containers: Apache Felix Framework 3.0 and Eclipse
Equinox 3.6</li>
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<div class="" align="center"><p><b><a href="/confluence/display/KARAF/Karaf+2.0.0+Release"
title="Karaf 2.0.0 Release">Download Karaf 2.0.0</a></b><br/>
<a href="/confluence/display/KARAF/Download" title="Download"><span class="image-wrap"
style=""><img src="/confluence/download/attachments/22872220/karaf-box.png?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1277723582000"
width="256" style="border: 0px solid black" /></span></a></p></div>
<p><span class="image-wrap" style=""><img src="/confluence/download/attachments/22872220/karaf2.png?version=1&amp;modificationDate=1276787622000"
style="border: 0px solid black" /></span></p>

<h2><a name="Index-News"></a>News</h2>

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                <a class="blogDate" href="/confluence/display/KARAF/2010/06/16">Wednesday,
16 June 2010</a>
        <div class="blogpost" style="margin-bottom: 30px">
            <div><a class="blogHeading" href="/confluence/display/KARAF/2010/06/16/Karaf+is+now+TLP">Karaf
is now TLP</a></div>

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                            Last changed Jun 18, 2010 02:29 by <a class="confluence-userlink
username:gnodet url fn" href="/confluence/display/~gnodet">Guillaume Nodet</a>
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                 <p>Today, the <a href="http://www.apache.org" class="external-link"
rel="nofollow">Apache Software Foundation</a> board has just established Karaf as
a new Top Level Project.   </p>

<p>The whole community is thrilled and will strive to make the project even better and
more successful.</p>
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                <b>Posted at Jun 16, 2010</b> by
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<p><a href="/confluence/display/KARAF/News" title="News">More News</a></p>
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