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From "hsy541@gmail.com" <hsy...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Question about auto-rebalancing
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2013 18:06:51 GMT
Hi Jun,

Thanks for your reply, but in a real cluster, one broker could serve
different topics and different partitions, the simple consumer only has
knowledge of brokers that are available but it has no knowledge to decide
which broker is best to pick up to consume messages.  If you don't choose
carefully, multiple simple consumer might end up with reading from same
node which is definitely not good for performance.
Interesting thing is I find out there is
command kafka-preferred-replica-election.sh which will try to equally
distribute the leadership among different brokers, this is good that I can
always let my simple consumer reads from leader broker(even it fails, the
replica will pick up as leader which is fine).  But why don't kafka cluster
run this command automatically when there is a broker change(up/down) in
the cluster so that the leadership can always be equally distributed among
different brokers ASAP?  I think it's very good for simple consumer to
decide which broker is good to read from.

Another question is I'm also curious how high-level consumer is balanced. I
assume each high-level consumer know other consumers(int the same group)
which broker they read message from and it can try to avoid those brokers
and to pick up a free one?  Is there a document for the balancing rule
among high-level consumer. Does it always guarantee that after several
leadership change/temporary broker fail, it can always equally distribute
the read among the brokers. Basically I think it's nice to have a API to
let dev know which consumer reads from which broker otherwise I don't know
anything behind the high-level consumer



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