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From Guy Doulberg <guy.doulb...@conduit.com>
Subject Re: application scenerio and suggested kafka setup
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 06:26:31 GMT
Hi Ahmed,

I can share with you my experience, I have built a system similar to yours.

1. If all your messages are the same, I think you should use the default 
partitioner, so the messages will  spread evenly across all the 
brokers/partition combinations, unless you have a better function to 
spread them...  I think the default partitioner is picking a combination 
of partition/broker randomly.
You are a bit wrong about the limitation, only one consumer within a 
consumer group is allowed to consume a single (broker,partition,topic), 
if you have several groups you should have in each a consumer to read 
from each of these triplets.  The broker (kafka server) can handle many 
connection threads. The reason for the group limitation is so only one 
consumer within a group will handle a unique stream of events and you 
will not need to worry about duplications and processing twice or more 
your events. Also notice that if on consumer within a fails and other 
consumer in the group exist, the other consumers will take care of the 
triplets that were consumed by the failed consumer.

2. I think you are right here, this is at least what I have been doing.

3. Didn't find, but I have been using auto-scale feature of AWS to the 
producer side, I guess it will be very little effort to do it on the 
consumption side. You will have to create an auto-scale group and 
configure the trigger to scale and scale down, and that should do the 
trick... the rebalancing of the kafka consumer will be done 
automatically whenver a new consumer comes up or down, notice that the 
consumer are bounded by the number of #broker*#partitions.

Thanks, Huy

On 01/27/2013 11:06 PM, S Ahmed wrote:
> Say I create web application/service where customers signup, and they place
> some javascript on their website which will then send over http a message
> to my servers every time someone clicks on a link on their website.
> Each customer will send to their own custom subdomain like:
> customer1.example.com/api/put?linkId=1&......
> Say I have 100,000 customers.
> 1. If all events are of the same type, what are the potential means I could
> partition my topics?  Or does it not make sense to?  I'm confused as to
> what I am reading, is a given kafka topic + paritition combination ONLY
> allowed to be consumed by a single consumer group?  If so, why is that?
>   the kafka server can only handle a single thread connecting to it??
> 2. I will have a java servlet that will contain my producer (each front end
> server will have the same servlet that will contain a producer).  I want to
> batch every x messages.  From what I understand, my producer is something I
> will create using a singleton correct?
> 3. I want my consumers to by dynamic in size, so during peak hours I want
> to fire up more nodes to  keep up with traffic, is there a production
> worthy consumer daemon that I can use (or learn from) that is open sourced
> somewhere?
> Much appreciated!

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