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From "Per Steffensen (JIRA)" <j...@apache.org>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (KAFKA-5716) Connect: When SourceTask.commit it is possible not everthing from SourceTask.poll has been sent
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2017 07:57:00 GMT

    [ https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-5716?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:comment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=16172876#comment-16172876

Per Steffensen commented on KAFKA-5716:

bq. The idiomatic pattern for source connectors is to rely upon the source partition and source
offsets included in each source record, and to have Connect periodically commit those offsets
to offset storage (e.g., Kafka in distributed mode) as well as during graceful shutdown of
the connector. Connect then uses the committed offsets upon restart to inform the connector
of the last persisted offsets the connector provided, and then the connector can restart from
that point.

Yes, I completely get that.

bq. In this scenario, the connector doesn't need to acknowledge or be notified of the committed
offsets since Connect is completely managing the offsets for the connector.

Guess it depends

bq. I'd be interested in hearing more about your use case, where IIUC your connector needs
to notify the source system that progress has completed. Can you describe the source system
and why you're using this approach?

I believe it would be to much explanation here. I can give a few "hints", but maybe you will
not be able to follow without more details.

First of all, I am starting to realize that I may be using Kafka-Connect for something that
it was not completely intended for. I start to believe that it is intended to "expose data
in some source-system via Kafka, but the data stays in the source-system". What I am using
it for can in some cases be described as "transfer data from some temporary storage (source-system)
to Kafka, and when it has been safely transferred it is deleted from the source-system", and
in other cases as just "advanced Kafka-to-Kafka ETL". Even though Kafka-Connect (source-connectors)
is intended for the first thing, it does a very nice job for me on the second thing :-) Maybe
the intended use for Kafka-Connect could change to include both :-) :-) :-)

Shortly about two of the source-connectors I have

1. TCP streaming indirectly to Kafka

>From a 3rd-party we receive data through TCP. Unknown number of concurrent TCP-streams.
We have only one chance to get this data, so we better make sure we "receive and store it".
We could write the TCP-streams directly to Kafka, but for several good reasons we do write
the stream to local files. Each stream gets chopped into several files of a particular length,
starting on the next file, when the previous file has reached that length. Now, the job is
to get each of those streams onto Kafka. Using Kafka-Connect, which does the job nicely, and
bla bla bla I cannot afford to delete the original file before all the data in it has been
written to target Kafka, and the connect-offsets (used to keep track of where in the files
I got to) has been flushed, so that I will not be asked to replay from a none-existing file.
Lots of details missing, but maybe you get the picture.
As a note, there may be significantly more TCP-streams than I have partitions in my target
Kafka-topic, so the streams are "multiplexed" into the partitions, several streams sharing
the same partition. Each stream has its own unique key (used as Kafka-message-key), so that
one stream can be distinguished from the other, and so that all messages from the same stream
goes to the same partition (using default key-hash-modulo partitions-selector)

2. Parsing packets from streams multiplexed into the partitions of a Kafka topic

So we have multiplexed streams in the partitions of a Kafka topic. From here I use Kafka-Connect
as an advanced ETL (including the translate) on Kafka-to-Kafka. No, Kafka-Streams will not
do the job. But something based on Kafka-Connect will :-) For this Kafka-Connect-ETL it is
not enough to only use normal Kafka offset on the ingoing Kafka topic, because it has to keep
track of where each multiplexed sub-stream of each partition got to. It does so relative to
the normal committed offset on the ingoing Kafka topic. I order for this to work properly
the order of things has to be
* Outgoing packets must have been sent and acknowledged by outgoing Kafka (commitRecord)
* Sub-stream offsets (connect-offsets) relative to the normal Kafka offset has to be safely
stored (commit)
* Normal Kafka offset can be moved

Losts of details missing, but you will see that I have to know when connect-offstes have been
written and flushed, in order to know when I can acknowledge the normal Kafka-offset, which
they are relative to.

I consider "multiplexing more data-streams into less Kafka-partitions" as a "problem" so general,
that I hope to get the time to open-source the system. I believe others will be able to benefit.

bq. Does the source not allow you to replay from any point? Are you using this mechanism to
notify the source system that it can garbage collect events that your connector is reading?



Really hope we can keep {{commit}} around, at least just unchanged (as if KAFKA-5716 was never
reported). I would still like to see the small "improvement" though
public void commit(something) throws InterruptedException {
public void commit() throws InterruptedException {
    // This space intentionally left blank.
It should be easy to make it. Only thing is the backwards-compatibility. Depending on the
"strictness" of that, it is or so not just "go do".

> Connect: When SourceTask.commit it is possible not everthing from SourceTask.poll has
been sent
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: KAFKA-5716
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-5716
>             Project: Kafka
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: KafkaConnect
>            Reporter: Per Steffensen
>            Priority: Minor
>         Attachments: KAFKA-5716.patch
> Not looking at the very latest code, so the "problem" may have been corrected recently.
If so, I apologize. I found the "problem" by code-inspection alone, so I may be wrong. Have
not had the time to write tests to confirm.
> According to java-doc on SourceTask.commit
> {quote}
> Commit the offsets, up to the offsets that have been returned by \{@link #poll()}. This
> method should block until the commit is complete.
> SourceTasks are not required to implement this functionality; Kafka Connect will record
> automatically. This hook is provided for systems that also need to store offsets internally
> in their own system.
> {quote}
> As I read this, when commit-method is called, the SourceTask-developer is "told" that
everything returned from poll up until "now" has been sent/stored - both the outgoing messages
and the associated connect-offsets. Looking at the implementation it also seems that this
is what it tries to "guarantee/achieve".
> But as I see read the code, it is not necessarily true
> The following threads are involved
> * Task-thread: WorkerSourceTask has its own thread running WorkerSourceTask.execute.
> * Committer-thread: From time to time SourceTaskOffsetCommitter is scheduled to call
WorkerSourceTask.commitOffsets (from a different thread)
> The two thread synchronize (on the WorkerSourceTask-object) in sendRecord and commitOffsets
respectively, hindering the task-thread to add to outstandingMessages and offsetWriter while
committer-thread is marking what has to be flushed in the offsetWriter and waiting for outstandingMessages
to be empty. This means that the offsets committed will be consistent with what has been sent
out, but not necessarily what has been polled. At least I do not see why the following is
not possible:
> * Task-thread polls something from the task.poll
> * Before task-thread gets to add (all) the polled records to outstandingMessages and
offsetWriter in sendRecords, committer-thread kicks in and does its commiting, while hindering
the task-thread adding the polled records to outstandingMessages and offsetWriter
> * Consistency will not have been compromised, but committer-thread will end up calling
task.commit (via WorkerSourceTask.commitSourceTask), without the records just polled from
task.poll has been sent or corresponding connector-offsets flushed.
> If I am right, I guess there are two way to fix it
> * Either change the java-doc of SourceTask.commit, to something a-la (which I do believe
is true)
> {quote}
> Commit the offsets, up to the offsets that have been returned by \{@link #poll()}
> *and confirmed by a call to \{@link #commitRecord(SourceRecord)}*.
> This method should block until the commit is complete.
> SourceTasks are not required to implement this functionality; Kafka Connect will record
> automatically. This hook is provided for systems that also need to store offsets internally
> in their own system.
> {quote}
> * or, fix the "problem" so that it actually does what the java-doc says :-)
> If I am not right, of course I apologize for the inconvenience. I would appreciate an
explanation where my code-inspection is not correct, and why it works even though I cannot
see it. I will not expect such an explanation, though.

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