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From Christopher Vollick <christopher.voll...@shopify.com.INVALID>
Subject Using Kafka Internals from Within Plugin
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2019 21:20:36 GMT
Hello! I'm experimenting with an implementation of AuthenticateCallbackHandler in an external
JAR I’m loading, and I'd like to use some of the methods / properties from ReplicaManager
(or KafkaServer which has a ReplicaManager), but I don't see anything that's passed to me
or any singletons that will give me access to those objects from my class.

I figure that’s probably intentional, but I wanted to ask just incase I’m missing a hook
I don’t know is there.
Specifically, I was looking to either get access to the logs on disk (ReplicaManager’s fetchMessages
method) so I could read some things, or alternatively the ZooKeeper connection.

Since I’m in a JAR, any solution which involves changing the core Kafka code-base isn’t
something I’m interested in.
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