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From "Matthias J. Sax" <matth...@confluent.io>
Subject Re: Are defaults serde in Kafka streams doing more harm then good ?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2018 16:23:39 GMT
The idea of default Serde is to support generic format like Avro or Json
throughout the whole topology. If everything is in Avro/Json (or
similar) users don't nee to overwrite any operator level Serde.


On 6/12/18 6:32 PM, Stephane Maarek wrote:
> Hi
> Coming from a user perspective, I see a lot of beginners not understanding
> the need for serdes and misusing the default serde settings.
> I believe default serdes do more harm than good. At best, they save a bit
> of boilerplate code but hide the complexity of serde happening at each
> step. At worst, they generate confusion and make debugging tremendously
> hard as the errors thrown at runtime don't indicate that the serde being
> used is the default one.
> What do you think of deprecating them as well as any API that does not use
> explicit serde?
> I know this may be a "tough change", but in my opinion it'll allow for more
> explicit development and easier debugging.
> Regards
> St├ęphane

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