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From Nelz <nelz9...@gmail.com>
Subject Typo's...
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 06:17:13 GMT

I was recently doing some reading of your materials, and I found a
couple of typo's. In the spirit of Open Source, I thought I'd just jot
a quick note for the betterment of all... ;-)

Main page: http://kafka.apache.org/design.html

(format of: "string in error" -> "suggested fix")

"two many network requests" -> "TOO many network requests"

"if some producers produce many more messages then others" -> "if some
producers produce many more messages THAN others"

"supports this be allowing" -> "supports this BY allowing"

"allow for future the implementation" -> "allow for THE future implementation"

Thanks for all the great work!

- Nelz

Remember: You do not need permission to do something creative and fun.

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