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From jamesbog...@apache.org
Subject [juneau] branch master updated: Release notes.
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2020 19:14:23 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

jamesbognar pushed a commit to branch master
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/juneau.git

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new afe5b38  Release notes.
afe5b38 is described below

commit afe5b3877fbf8b68a9d803ce53926ec7645baa20
Author: JamesBognar <jamesbognar@apache.org>
AuthorDate: Thu Jan 2 14:14:11 2020 -0500

    Release notes.
 juneau-doc/docs/ReleaseNotes/8.1.3.html | 23 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 23 insertions(+)

diff --git a/juneau-doc/docs/ReleaseNotes/8.1.3.html b/juneau-doc/docs/ReleaseNotes/8.1.3.html
index 6336107..530f5f2 100644
--- a/juneau-doc/docs/ReleaseNotes/8.1.3.html
+++ b/juneau-doc/docs/ReleaseNotes/8.1.3.html
@@ -29,8 +29,31 @@
 <h5 class='topic w800'>juneau-rest-server</h5>
 <ul class='spaced-list'>
+	<li> 
+		Fixed bug in {@link oajr.BasicRestCallHandler} where if you have the following REST methods...
+		<p class='bpcode w800'>
+	<ja>@RestMethod</ja>(name=<js>"GET"</js>, path=<js>"/foo"</js>)
+	<ja>@RestMethod</ja>(name=<js>"*"</js>, path=<js>"/bar"</js>)
+		</p>
+		...and you tried to make a GET request to /bar, you'd erroneously get a 404 error instead
of matching the 2nd method.
+	<li> 
+		Fixed an issue involving using Juneau REST with Spring Security.  When Spring Security
cannot authenticate a 
+		request, it sets the URL on the request to <js>"/error"</js> with a 401 status.
 When Juneau then processes
+		this request, it cannot find that mapping and changes the status to 404 which messes with
HTTP clients.
+		<br>Solution was to add a default no-op error method to the {@link oajr.BasicRestConfig}
(and implementers):
+		<p class='bpcode w800'>
+	<ja>@RestMethod</ja>(name=<js>"*"</js>, path=<js>"/error"</js>)
+	<jk>public void</jk> error() {}
+		</p>
+	<li>
+		Fixed a bug where <c><ja>@RestResource</ja>(debug=<js>"true"</js>)</c>
wouldn't log requests if a 
+		<ja>@RestMethod</ja>-annotated method was not matched.
 <h5 class='topic w800'>juneau-rest-client</h5>
 <ul class='spaced-list'>
+	<li>
+		Several convenience methods defined in {@link oajrc.RestClientBuilder} that were deprecated
in 8.1.2 have been
+		undeprecated in this release due to user feedback.

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