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From Dave Koelmeyer <dave.koelme...@davekoelmeyer.co.nz>
Subject Re: installation instructions on Glassfish
Date Sun, 03 Jan 2016 11:40:59 GMT
On 02/01/16 15:49, Jason Morris wrote:
> Hi Dave,
>>> I assume the tutorial and reference would be publicly visible.
> Absolutely. I'd be looking to write a "and-it-just-works" set of instructions.

Great, do you have a publicly accessible place you wish to author
content in? Please feel free to contact me off list if you prefer (might
be better).

>>> I'd be more interested in helping with a reference guide for the Payara fork
> Not familiar with that. I'll have to do some homework.

There is an FAQ here on the relationship: http://www.payara.fish/payara_faq

See also:

> BTW -- Doesn't it seem that no sooner do you get comfortably competent using some IT
technology its developers/administrators decide to "fork" everything up? I for one am tired
of getting forked ;-) The most egregious offender is Google -- the company of Perpetual Beta.
Every time they get some code to beta, it stays there until some manager decides that its
roadmap is no longer part of the strategic vision (or something). 
> I guess that is the fate of all software: get forked or die.

My experience has almost uniformly been with /vendors/ deciding to pull
resources and/or support for a product, leading to a code fork being the
only practical path to ensure a future for the product. OpenOffice ->
LibreOffice, OpenSolaris/Solaris -> illumos, SugarCRM -> SuiteCRM,
OpenDS -> OpenDJ, and on and on. GlassFish is a salient example, and
we're about to see the same thing with Mozilla's Thunderbird. If
anything it's the power of open source at work.

Google are a different kettle of fish – they have an appalling record of
short product lifespans, but they tend not to open source code when they
shut down products which don't help them force advertising down folks'
throats (and products more often than not are not open source to begin
with, so, no fork). (I agree with the perpetual beta viewpoint though –
one of many reasons I avoid using or recommending their products on a
professional basis.)


Dave Koelmeyer
GPG Key ID: 0x238BFF87

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