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From Todor Boev <rinsv...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Nested categories? Tree structure?
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 13:35:05 GMT
Here is some more info,

> This sounds great! Make your content as difficult as possible to find
> and when folk get the hang of it, move it all around!
> Sounds to me like it's the opposite of a wiki.

Can't really say. I expect to be the only user.

> I think that what you want is called a "web site" :-)
> No - seriously - any tree in html is soft - you can create it easily
> in a wiki. I think I'd generate the pages from a script and I'd not
> use a wiki at all... You could use some simple databases for content
> and the tree...

I imagined I can add pages to categories and those categories into
higher level categories and so on. Than I want the "tree" to be
displayed in a compact form for me to browse. MediaWiki has a
CategoryTree plugin that seems to do something similar

> If you must use a wiki, I guess that creating a set of pages and
> updating links from a script could be done easily enough...
> ...but I fear that you've not given as much info as could make things clear.

Well here's some more. The thing I need must
- Help me organize my personal information. That can cover anything:
from code snippets to information on people I know.
- Be web accessible and relatively secure so I can use it from work.
- Use wiki markup so I don't have to type HTML.
- Store data on the file system. Allows easy backups and usage of other tools.
- Have searching for the cases when I want to jump exactly where I need.
- Have category browsing when I want an overview of what's available
on a given topic, or when I need to decide where to put the new stuff.

Hope this is now too much info,

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