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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject JSPWiki 2.8.4 released
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2010 21:16:08 GMT

2.8.4 has been released, available from the usual location at http://www.ecyrd.com/~jalkanen/JSPWiki/2.8.4/

. Apologies for taking such a long time to get this one out.

For your convinience, here's the ChangeLog from 2.8.3

2010-05-08  Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-12

         * JSPWIKI-392 and JSPWIKI-442 invalid asserted usernames

         * JSPWIKI-649 CachingProvider.deleteVersion leaves a stale  

2010-04-23  Dirk Frederickx <brushed@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-11

         * JSPWIKI-627: Login and MyPrefs buttons not properly aligned
         in Chrome and Safari.

2010-04-08  Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-10

         * JSPWIKI-644: NPE after page externally modified, reported  
by Fabian Haupt.

2010-02-21  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-9

         * JSPWIKI-637: Fix for zh_CN translation, thanks to David Gao.

2010-01-31  Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-8

         * JSPWIKI-633: TextUtil.replaceEntities done multiple times,  
reported by Stefan Bohn.

2010-01-20  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-7

         * Improved exporter to also export from a FileSystemProvider  
repo without actually
         loading the WikiEngine.

2009-12-23 Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-6

          * JSPWIKI-621: check last fileseparator on config page,  
duplicate of JSPWIKI-424,
             reported by Rolf Schumacher.

2009-12-15 Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-5

          * JSPWIKI-619: Include geronimo-web.xml in JSPWiki.war  
(reported by Jurgen Weber)
          * JSPWIKI-618: Allow Administrators to override  
attachment.maxsize  (reported by Jurgen Weber)

2009-12-06 Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-4

          * JSPWIKI-617: Attachments unsearchable after renaming a page

2009-11-24  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-3

         * Fixed export to deal better with broken repositories:  
automatic renaming
         of case-conflicts (on systems where they are possible).

         * Export now properly exports in lower-case.

2009-11-23  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-2

         * Added export script (export.sh); disabled attachment export  
for now to test
         proper exporting.

2009-11-21 Harry Metske <metskem@apache.org>

         * 2.8.4-svn-1

          * JSPWIKI-612: fix UserManagement.jsp 's option in user  
select box
          (I like to add the name of the person who discovered this  
bug, but
          the codepage ISO8859-1 doesn't allow that)

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