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From "Fritz Schneider" <Fr...@Peacham.com>
Subject RE: Photo Collection plugin
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 18:02:02 GMT
> Could you give me an example of a full thumbnail filename and how you 
> would like it to appear after processing by this possible thumssfx

Irfanview adds "_t" to the name portion: "P3236699_t.jpg". I am not clear on
what you mean by "processing." I was seeing this as a way to tell the plugin
how to transform a file name into a thumbnail name, so the thumbnail for
P3236699.jpg would be P3236699_t.jpg in the thumbs directory.

[clip ...]

> How urgent (for you) is this "always ignore thumbnails directories" 
> feature? I can't tell whether you've changed them all for now, or will 
> just turn a blind eye to the pointless hyperlinks until the next version 
> of the plugin.

I can create future thumbnail directories with the dot on the front, so
there is no urgency. Actually, it's a bit more time-consuming to remove the
"-t" so the thumbssfx enhancement would be welcome.

> By the way, I don't intend producing a way to hide "non hidden" 
> directories or files. I don't intend writing platform-specific code to 
> detect the windows hidden attribute, either.

That sounds fine to me. I see your recognition of the leading dot as
platform-specific code. :)



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