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From "lgilardoni61@gmail.com" <lgilardon...@gmail.com>
Subject Building a
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 20:50:48 GMT
Hi I was looking at producing a printable version of a *set* of pages.

My first idea was to have a page index, and from that recurring to 
subpages to get their content.
To start with I had a look at the Referred Pages Plugin, to get the 
subpages; problem is while original version went to parse the page,
current version (2.8.x) use the referencemanager, whcih is surely faster 
but seems to return subpages *always* ordered (lexicographically),
which is what I do NOT want.

So questions ..
1) should i fall back to original parsepage approach or is there any way 
to obtain links from refManager not sorted (I suspect not but ...)?
2) anyone already went this path .. to avoid duplicating effort?

Any hint appreciated


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