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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Looking for right-to-left guinea pigs
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2009 21:14:54 GMT
[apologies for cross-posting; please respond only to the mailing list
in which you are a member, and if both, please post to jspwiki-dev]

Hello. The developer group recently learned that JSPWiki was passed up
by Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris community wiki due to a number of
putative failings.  One of these is a lack of support for right-to-left
(RTL) text, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Punjabi, or Kashmiri. We'd like to
remedy that, but need some help, as none of our developers speak or
write an RTL language (to my knowledge).

If you or your organisation's wiki are currently using a right-to-left
script and are willing to provide us with feedback on any failings in
JSPWiki's implementation, we'd be very happy to work with you on fixing
those bugs. It would benefit the JSPWiki community as well as improving 
JSPWiki's support for your language. You can help contribute to world

If you'd prefer not to provide that help on the public mailing list,
you can also contact me directly at:  murray09 at altheim dot com.

Thanks much for any help,


Murray Altheim <murray09 at altheim dot com>                       ===  = =
http://www.altheim.com/murray/                                     = =  ===
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       Knock at any door - there's one who will respond.
                                       -- The Blue Cliff Record

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