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From Roland Whitehead <rol...@quru.com>
Subject MungeHTML plugin - testers wanted
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 17:11:54 GMT
We have developed a plugin that we are calling MungeHTML. It's pretty  
simple really, you add the plugin and pass an ID parameter for the  
munge itself and whatever parameters that the user wants. In your  
jspwiki.properties file you define what the munge actually does.

For example, in the jspwiki.properties file we define:

MungeHTML.myurl = Go and see <a href="{href}">{text}</a>

and in the page

[{MungeHTML MungeID='myurl' href='http://www.jspwiki.org' text='the  
best wiki around'}]
If you then view the HTML source of the rendered page you will see
Go and see <a href="http://www.jspwiki.org">the best wiki around</a>
Yes it is dangerous because you, as the site administrator, could open  
up your site to anything but used with care this can be incredibly  
powerful. So far we have used it for embedding video from Youtube and  
others as well as Forums and list archives from Nabble as well as the  
usual basic HTML details that are currently less than obvious with  
Before we upload this to the jspwiki.org wiki, I'd rather like to have  
some people test it out. If anyone would like to, please let me know  
and I will send you the .jar file to put in your WEB-INF/libs directory.

QURU Ltd, London

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