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From Roland Whitehead <rol...@quru.com>
Subject Re: JSPWiki Future and Roadmap post v2.8.2
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 06:51:27 GMT
On 30 Jul 2009, at 10:54, Greg wrote:

> - Edits on jspwiki seem to be slowing down
> - No-one has been contributing Templates. When I started using  
> JSPWiki at
> ver 2.0.x there where a whole bunch and then it slowed down. By ver  
> 2.6
> no-one was contributing any more
> - The same applies to the plugins

We have been working on a number of plugins. We've already  
significantly modified the FormMailer plugin and have uploaded the new  
version (it works, it redirects to another page and some other mods),  
have produced a new plugin that munge's plugin paramters into some  
HTML code stored in the jspwiki.properties file (it was going to be a  
plugin for various embedded videos but now we're using it for all  
sorts of stuff) that we are testing before uploading to the wiki and  
we've done quite a bit of work on making a forum pluging actually work  
correctly. All of these are intended for sharing with the community  
and there are several that we've done that will remain private (like  
the plugin + perl + other licensed code that we use for producing  
print ready PDF-X1As direct from the Wiki) unless we see some demand.

The issue isn't that there isn't work being done but more that there  
isn't the perceived demand for more work. JPSWiki just works so how  
much does it need changing?

You might be interested to know that most of this plugin work is  
fuelled not only for our own needs but for the needs of another open  
source project (to build hydrogen fuel cell cars - http://www.40fires.org 
) who are priming the pump - its a case of one open source project  
feeding another!

QURU, London

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