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From Hassan Schroeder <has...@webtuitive.com>
Subject Re: Ubuntu JSPWiki Installation: Help, where is JSPWiki.war file?
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 20:40:27 GMT
Will Berriss wrote:

> I have installed the binary package jspwiki 

> BUT I cannot upload the JSPWiki.war file because I don't have one.

? Those two statements don't go together:

ripple:~/Downloads/jspwiki$ unzip JSPWiki-2.8.2-bin.zip
Archive:  JSPWiki-2.8.2-bin.zip
    creating: JSPWiki/
   inflating: JSPWiki/ChangeLog
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_de.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_en.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_es.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_fi.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_fr.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_it.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_nl.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-corepages_zh_CN.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki-doc.zip
   inflating: JSPWiki/JSPWiki.war
   inflating: JSPWiki/LICENSE
   inflating: JSPWiki/README
   inflating: JSPWiki/ReleaseNotes

Perhaps your download was corrupted?

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