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From Brian Burch <br...@PingToo.com>
Subject Wiki Page Name and Wiki Page Heading
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 16:25:29 GMT
I am still working on my new PhotoCollection plugin. Thanks to Janne's 
previous help, I have an ugly version working and am trying to improve 
its appearance before making it generally available.

Because my design accesses an external directory tree (and might access 
more than one in a future version), I need to generate wiki page names 
that are very likely to be unique, which means they tend to be a bit 
long-winded because they carry a lot of the file system path,

  e.g. FilesPictures2008_04-franceDSCF1234.JPG

One of the most valuable features of my plugin is that users can add 
text information to each directory and image, but even if they add 
nothing the page titles will automatically provide valuable search 
criteria, e.g. what photos did I take in my several visits to France?

My plugin already has the logic to generate these "probably unique" wiki 
page names, but it also creates "human friendly" titles for the pages, 
which are not intended to be unique at all,

  e.g. Photos 2008 04-france DSCF1234.JPG

I've been trying hard to follow the jspWiki execution sequence starting 
from Edit.jsp and referring to JSPWikiForDummies. I can see how it 
achieves something similar to what I want to do....

<meta name="wikiEditUrl" content='/Edit.jsp?page=JSPWikiForDummies' />


<div class="pagename">JSP Wiki For Dummies</div>

This is controlled by the jspwiki.properties value for 
jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces, but I want to use my own logic rather than 
this "standard" mapping.

I have a (more-or-less) camelcase wiki page name and I want to assign a 
different (human-friendly, non-unique) page title when creating the new 

My plugin running under the "parent page" generates the appropriate wiki 
text of the "child" page plugin and inserts it into the url via the 
_editedtext (undocumented) servlet parameter.

When the new "child" wiki page is saved, my plugin generates its own 
friendly title.

1. I could store the friendly title as a page variable, e.g. called 

2. I could clone Header.jsp to create my own localheader.jsp, but 
substitute the line:

   <div class="pagename"><wiki:PageName /></div>

with something like this:

   <div class="pagename"><wiki:Variable var="friendlyPageName" 
default="pagename" /></div>

The intention is to allow the normal breakTitleWithSpaces behaviour to 
occur with any page that does not embed this particular plugin.  Would 
this solution work, or have I overlooked something important?

Can anyone save me some time with an opinion? I'll get there in the end, 
but jspWiki is so complex that it takes me ages to grasp how even quite 
simple things happen (sorry!).


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