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From Dirk Frederickx <dirk.frederi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Preferences not being saved
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 19:53:32 GMT
If you do a "View source" in your browser, you should get the

<script type='text/javascript' src='.../scripts/jspwiki-edit.js'></script>

<script type='text/javascript' src='.../scripts/posteditor.js'></script>

lines.  Is this the case ?

This is currently broken in 3.0, but should be ok on a 2.8.


On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 7:25 PM, Peter Schart <pete@goodinassociates.com>wrote:

> No, I'm on 2.8.  There is definitely something preventing the javascript
> files from being attached by the addResourceRequest() method.  For instance,
> templates/<my template>/editors/plain.jsp has the following lines:
> <%
>   WikiContext context = WikiContext.findContext( pageContext );
>   WikiEngine engine = context.getEngine();
>   String contextPath = request.getContextPath();
>   TemplateManager.addResourceRequest( context, "script",  contextPath +
> "/scripts/jspwiki-edit.js" );
>   TemplateManager.addResourceRequest( context, "script",  contextPath +
> "/scripts/posteditor.js" );
>   String usertext = EditorManager.getEditedText( pageContext );
> %>
> Some simple debugging lets me see that 'context' is a valid object and
> 'contextPath' is "/gal-wiki".  Further, manually navigating to "http://<myserver>/gal-wiki/scripts/jspwiki-edit.js"
> shows the file as would be expected, but there is no indication on the
> resultant page that it even attempted to load those two scripts - they just
> aren't in the response at all, nor is there any indication of an error...
>  Same thing for jspwiki-prefs.js on the preferences page.
> pete
> On Mar 10, 2009, at 12:24 PM, Andrew Jaquith wrote:
>  Are you using 3.0? If so, be aware that lots of things are broken at the
>> moment.
>> On Mar 10, 2009, at 9:33, Peter Schart <pete@goodinassociates.com> wrote:
>>  Replying to my own post...  Anyway, it seems as though the cause of most
>>> of my problems is javascript files not getting added to the page.
>>>  Apparently, "TemplateManager.addResourceRequest()" calls are not happening
>>> correctly.  The prefs page does not have "jspwiki-prefs.js" included and the
>>> edit page does not have "jspwiki-edit.js" or "posteditor.js" included.
>>> Any ideas as to why addResourceRequest() calls would be failing?
>>> thanks again,
>>> pete
>>> On Mar 10, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Peter Schart wrote:
>>>  Thanks for the suggestion, David.  Unfortunately, I don't think this is
>>>> the problem either.  As far as I can tell, the permissions are correct.
>>>> The deeper I dig trying to fix this the more I am starting think that
>>>> something is just totally screwed (quite possibly the server itself and
>>>> nothing to do with JSPWiki).
>>>> I just keep finding more and more "weirdness" - like when I go to the
>>>> Attach tab on a page I get the "You don't have access to <page name>"
>>>> message (even though I'm logged in as a member of group Admin which has
>>>> AllPermission in my policy) and yet it happily lets me upload... ?
>>>> If I could recreate the problem on my test box I could probably figure
>>>> this out but everything works exactly as I expect it to on my test box with
>>>> the exact same setup, .policy and .property files...  I'm truly stumped.
>>>> Back to digging...
>>>> pete
>>>> P.S. I may have found a culprit for the prefs not saving thing.  When I
>>>> load the prefs page I get a javascript error about "WikiGroup" not being
>>>> defined (it's a line that spits out the group members to the group tab of
>>>> the preference page).  The line is, for example:
>>>> "WikiGroup.putGroup("Admin", "<user>\n<user2>\n", "created on
....");"  I'm
>>>> guessing that the js error might be preventing the cookie-writing from
>>>> executing.  But again, I don't get this error on my test box so it's
>>>> probably going to be difficult to track down the cause.
>>>> On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:24 PM, David Gao wrote:
>>>>  Hi,
>>>>> I have similar experience before. My case is that I cannot change
>>>>> password no matter how I tried. NB. my JSPWiki is running on CentOS linux.
>>>>> And finally I found that the ACL for one of jar files in WEB-INF/lib
>>>>> is not corrected set. Tomcat simply has no right to access that file.
>>>>> Everything works fine after I chmod the jar file to the correct
>>>>> ownership. Hope this helps.
>>>>>  Thanks for the quick response, Janne. I thought of the baseURL thing,
>>>>>> but I just double checked and -- as far as I can tell -- they are
>>>>>>  As I mentioned, I have two wikis running -- each with a separate
>>>>>> *.properties file -- one has a baseURL of "
>>>>>> http://www.goodinassociates.com/gal-wiki/" and the other is the same
>>>>>> except the last path element is "/client-wiki/".
>>>>>> The same type of configuration works on my test machine with "
>>>>>> http://localhost/gal-wiki/" and "http://localhost/client-wiki" so
>>>>>> thinking it must be something else.
>>>>>> Again, maybe I'm just missing something...
>>>>>> thanks again,
>>>>>> pete
>>>>>> On Mar 9, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi ho!
>>>>>>> The probable reason is that your server has the wrong baseURL.
>>>>>>> causes cookies to be written for the wrong domain name, and your
>>>>>>> won't send them back to the server (because cookies can only
be sent to the
>>>>>>> same server which set them in the first place).  There's no way
JSPWiki can
>>>>>>> really detect this (since it's not actually an error case as
such), so you
>>>>>>> wouldn't be seeing anything in the logs :-)
>>>>>>> Hope this helps!
>>>>>>> /Janne
>>>>>>> On 9 Mar 2009, at 23:06, Peter Schart wrote:
>>>>>>>  Hi all,
>>>>>>>> (New here, so go easy on me!)
>>>>>>>> My problem is pretty simple to describe but it's driving
me batty.
>>>>>>>>  I'm running 2 wikis under Jetty (I have a bit of a strange
set up but for
>>>>>>>> the most part it's similar to the "step by step" guide to
having multiple
>>>>>>>> wikis).
>>>>>>>> On my test machine everything works as intended but for some
>>>>>>>> on my live server preferences are not being saved to the
cookie.  It has
>>>>>>>> prev. search and asserted name but never updates if I, say,
try to enable
>>>>>>>> section editing or change the skin.  This is true (both that
it works on my
>>>>>>>> test machine and doesn't on the live server) in all browsers
I've tested.
>>>>>>>>  It doesn't give any errors or indication that anything failed,
it simply
>>>>>>>> doesn't save them and redirects to Main.  Going immediately
back in to the
>>>>>>>> prefs shows the defaults.
>>>>>>>> Additionally, none of widgets on the plain editor (Bold,
>>>>>>>> insert table, etc...) do anything.
>>>>>>>> I've looked everywhere I could think of for error messages
or some
>>>>>>>> indication of why it isn't working and I can't find anything
at all.
>>>>>>>> I could go into more detail if anyone thinks it will help,
but I
>>>>>>>> thought (hope) there might be something obvious or oft-encountered
that I am
>>>>>>>> just missing...
>>>>>>>> Advice? Suggestions?
>>>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>>>> peter schart
>>>>> --
>>>>> David Gao (davidgjm@gmail.com)

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