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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: Redirect problem with JSPWiki
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:04:20 GMT

It sounds like your jspwiki.baseURL property might be wrong.  Please  
double-check it.  If not, can you please post examples as to what the  
404 URLs look like?

Also, could you provide more details as to which version of JSPWiki  
you are using and if you have any more tweaks in your config (e.g.  
using Apache as a front-end, doing tunneling/proxying etc.)


On 2 Feb 2009, at 14:45, lunarb01@vuurwerk.nl wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a new user of JSPWiki. Yesterday I installed it at home on  
> Tomcat 5.5, and while it didn't go as smoothly as I hoped in the  
> end I got it working. Today I've installed it on the latest version  
> of Glassfish, and for some reason it won't work properly.
> While I could get it to install and can use it to a degree, it is  
> not working as it should. Every time it wants to redirect me to  
> another page I get a 404 page not found error. When logging in,  
> when saving a page, etc. After logging in and getting this error,  
> if I go back (back button on my browser) to the main page, and  
> refresh, I AM logged in. Authentication is working, but the  
> redirect is not.
> I couldn't find anything about this problem online, so I was hoping  
> that maybe I missed something somewhere and that somebody will know  
> an answer.
> Regards,
> Linda

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