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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: CSS for IE?
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2008 18:40:31 GMT
Dirk Frederickx wrote:
> The css stylesheets in JSPWiki mostly uses common css styling, usable
> across most browser platforms.
> Browser specific styles are avoided as much as possible.
> However, in ''some'' cases, ie6/ie7 require specific treatment as
> css-specs are not implemented always correctly.
> Therefore, JSPWiki uses inline css-'hacks' to add specific ie6/ie7 rules.
> For IE6 and lower:
> /*ie6 hack*/
> * html <css-selector> { <css-style defs> }
> For IE7:
> /*ie7 hack */
> *:first-child+html <css-selector> { <css-style defs> }
> (there are many more hacks, but these are the most simple and generic)
> By using inline css browser-hacks, it's easy to see which style defs
> are general and which need some browser tweeking.  And it also keeps
> maintenance easy.

hi Dirk,

I'd really hoped to avoid any browser-specific hacks at all, but as
you know rendering on IE6 and 7 can be problematic. We have a number
of templates that I just updated for the latest build, and in doing
so found that the overall L&F was simply not acceptable, and that I'd
have to add an additional stylesheet in order to have the IE pages
look like those on Safari, Firefox and Opera. It was only because of
this that I'd considered using a CSS hack.

If there's any information you'd care to add to the new Conditional
Comments page on jspwiki.org, please do. As I mentioned in my last
message, I would hope people would use this "feature" only to fix
problems in rendering the same across browsers, not create different



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