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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: CSS for IE?
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2008 10:34:13 GMT
Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>> For those trying to solve this same issue, here's the markup I
>> added near the end of commonheader.jsp:
>> <!--[if IE]>
>> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen,projection,print"
>>      href="<wiki:Link format='url' templatefile='skins/' /><c:out 
>> value='${prefs.SkinName}/skin_ie.css' />" />
>> <![endif]-->
> This is the generally approved way of dealing with IE quirks :-/
>> While this is not exactly JSPWiki-related, it is in the sense that
>> I believe we *used* to have an IE solution included in the default
>> template, and there may be people out there (like me) looking for
>> the solution.
> Yes, we did, but it was a pain to maintain.  Dirk did a commendable job 
> in producing a CSS file which works both in IE and the rest of the world...

Hi Janne,

I'm not suggesting that we attempt to provide a loaded stylesheet
that attempts to mop up any problems with IE, but we could either
add a blank stylesheet with the IE hook, or at least document this
(apart from here on the mailing list). I've created a new page on
the jspwiki.org site:


I agree that Dirk's default stylesheet does work quite well across
browsers, but for those who aren't using the default stylesheet
they might find this as a reasonable solution. It kinda makes me
itch but I'm getting used to it.

Thanks again to all who contributed information.


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