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From Simon Kitching ...@ops.co.at>
Subject Unit test WikiEngineTest.testSpacedNames1 fails on case-sensitive operating systems
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 10:40:54 GMT
I've run the jspwiki 2.6.3 unit tests on linux, and test

The test is simple:

    public void testSpacedNames1()
        throws Exception
        m_engine.saveText("This is a test", "puppaa");
        assertEquals( "normal", "puppaa", m_engine.getText("This is a 
test").trim() );
        assertEquals( "lowercase", "puppaa", m_engine.getText("this is a 
test").trim() );
        assertEquals( "randomcase", "puppaa", m_engine.getText("ThiS Is 
a teSt").trim() );

And the failure reason is simple too. The saveText call succeeds, and 
creates an on-disk file
containing the provided content.

The first assert works fine.

The second assert fails, because it looks for a file named
which is of course not found on case-sensitive operating systems. The 
getText call then returns an empty string.

Is jspwiki supposed to support pageName lookups that vary by case (ie 
the test is right, and jspwiki has a bug), or are pageNames expected to 
be case-sensitive on case-sensitive systems (ie the unit test case has a 


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