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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: page metadata again
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 13:16:10 GMT
Bob Paige wrote:
> I have a prototype of my metadata proposal implemented, and have run into a
> snag.
> My (erroneous) assumption was that by implementing preSave and preTranslate
> filters I could encode the metadata without the user knowing. This is
> certainly true for the scenario where the user enters some metadata, saves
> the page, and views it. Unfortunately, the preTranslate filter is not called
> prior to an edit so when the user edits a page after saving it they will see
> the encoded metadata. I can write the encoding logic (in the preSave) filter
> to handle this situation, but it is still messy in that the user is now
> aware of my 'fiddling' behind the scenes.
> I don't suppose there is some other mechanism that would allow me to decode
> prior to an edit? Could I extend WikiEngine or PageManager to behave the way
> I want, and insert my own instance into the server?


It sounds like you are trying to retrofit a record/page metadata
scheme on top of a very difficult edifice. As someone who's played
a lot with plugins and filters they work very well for what they
were intended for, but it's difficult to create certain kinds of
functionality. I wrote a plugin that permitted a declaration of a
name-value pair, then also wrote that as a page-level metadata,
and it works passably, but with 3.0 coming up I've given up on it.

I've had a basic task of reformulating the metadata handling of
JSPWiki 3.0 since by that time our entire backend will be JSR-170
compliant. Janne has worked up a prototype that I've not had much
of a chance to test. I don't have any time right now to go through
the archives but you can search on priha, JSR-170, JackRabbit and/or
metadata and you should be able to find stuff.

I think extending one of the larger objects in the JSPWiki pantheon
is really asking for trouble, if you wanted any advice on that matter...


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