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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: Plugins vs. .doc/.xls/.ppt/.pdf/.avi/.mp3/.tex/...
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 18:49:30 GMT

JSPWiki plugins are small pieces of code which allow more complicated  
rendering thatn basic wikimarkup.

The application which opens your attachment is decided by the  
browser, based on the file extension and the MIME type sent by the  
server.  Check out the $CATALINA_HOME/conf/web.xml to see the mime  
mappings used by the server.

Just linking to the attachment is quite enough.


On 15 May 2008, at 14:27, sakari.aaltonen@tkk.fi wrote:

> I may be wrong, but my impression is that JSPWiki's plugins are  
> meant to be something like transformers - transform a spreadsheet,  
> say, into a Wiki page. But what if you don't need or want a  
> transformation?
> What I would like is a link to a file of a particular type such  
> that when clicked, the corresponding program (OpenOffice,Excel,...)  
> is launched. Or, if it is a PDF file, then Acroread is launched to  
> show it.
> Something like that is not a plugin, is it? How should the link be  
> formatted?
> Thank you,
> Sakari Aaltonen

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