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From "Gavin Goldsmith" <ggoldsm...@pnp.co.za>
Subject RE: Formatting in IE of %%collapse bullets under IE
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 08:14:09 GMT


> Checkout 2-7-0-svn-25 which contains various IE7 fixes
Thanks will do. 

> > I remember adding specific css for supporting quircks in IE6.
> > that css should be remove from the jspwiki.css.
> >
> > If you are experienced with CSS, you could try to do it yourself.
> > The IE6 specific selectors (most are also valid for IE7) are always 
> > prefixed with
> > "* html".
> > Try commenting those line to see if that fixes your problem.
> >
Thanks. I did try this with little success. Beginning to wonder if it's
related to browser fonts or some such? I'll try the version suggested
above and feed back to you. It may only be in a day or 2 though.

Thanks for all your assistance.


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