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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: jspwiki, apache2 reverse proxy, virtual domains - reasonably possible?
Date Mon, 26 May 2008 20:22:09 GMT

Do you absolutely need proxypass?  The way I do it is that I use  
mod_jk...  And you should be able to use mod_proxy for newer Apaches.


On 26 May 2008, at 23:14, KR wrote:

> Folks;
> so far I have enjoyed using JSPWiki internally for being an  
> unobtrusive
> piece of software that, once installed, "just works". Right now,
> however, after having spent quite an unsuccessful and extremely
> unpleasant evening on this, I just wonder whether there's some sort of
> documentation on how / whether it is possible to get JSPWiki  
> running in
> a tomcat container set up to behave well behind an apache2 reverse  
> proxy
> in one of many virtual hosts. So far, I spent some hours both with our
> stock 2.4 and with an updated 2.6 installation, playing with various
> parameters in jspwiki.properties as well as the apache2 rewriting /
> proxy configuration but haven't had too much success so far.
> - Generally, I wanted to have all requests to /internal/wiki/
> proxy-passed to our internalhost:8080/JSPWiki/ . I have so far barely
> given up on that as, no matter what happens, no matter how I set up
> JSPWiki (mainly baseURL and referenceStyle), in quite a bunch of
> situations (redirect after successful login, redirect after saving
> files, ...) the request seems to be redirected to
> /JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page= ... . Strange, but so far I helped myself  
> making
> /JSPWiki available to the outside world on this machine directly,  
> hoping
> for the best.
> - However, still all is not well. Looking at the redirect behaviour
> (mainly following any login and/or save-file-from-editor attempt), it
> seems that JSPWiki does not just redirect to an URL having / 
> JSPWiki/...
> hardcoded in it but also does redirect to an URL on a wholly different
> (non-HTTPS) VirtualHost on the same apache2, which doesn't know about
> JSPWiki and, subsequently, makes me end up elsewhere. Strange, as  
> well.
> - Overally: I am confused. All I do by now seems trial-and-error as  
> both
> some more complex mod_rewrite tricks did fail as well as pretty much
> anything including jspwiki.properties configuration. So far it runs  
> on a
> non-HTTPS virtual host being directly exposed as JSPWiki, and does  
> more
> or less good this way, yet being way off the setup I intended to  
> do. Can
> some kind soul out here point me where to have a look to get at  
> least a
> clue what could be broken here, and, subsequently, how to get it  
> fixed?
> Thanks a bunch in advance, best regards.
> Kristian

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