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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: Collecting (and organizing) mail messages
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 07:30:33 GMT

This has been discussed previously, and is also known as a "mail-in"  

Unfortunately we don't support it yet (but it would be relatively  
easy to write a plugin for it).  My experience from a similar thing  
in our company is that some people like it, but in general its  
usefulness is severely limited.

A proper mailing list software (e.g. Mailman) which generates a  
searchable archive automatically is a lot more useful.


On 23 May 2008, at 10:12, sakari.aaltonen@tkk.fi wrote:

> One of our organization's current methods of internal  
> communications is a mailing list. For some purposes, it's good  
> enough; for others, not really.
> One example of the latter is various documents that should be kept  
> somewhere easily accessible (for months, even years). They are  
> currently "published" on the mailing list, but keeping (storing)  
> them is the responsibility of the individual recipients. Not good,  
> right?
> So we thought of using our wiki (currently under construction).  
> Now, one of the strong points of the mailing list is the ease with  
> which it lets people distribute stuff. Say, a person receives a  
> document attached to an email (from somewhere) and wants to let the  
> whole organization see it. Simple - just forward it to the mailing  
> list.
> Could JSPWiki help in this? Say, receive mail (with attachments)  
> from the list and store it, as mentioned above, easily accessible?  
> There would, then, be no need for individual users to store such  
> mail...
> Thank you for any pointers,
> Sakari Aaltonen

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