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From "Bob Paige" <bobpa...@gmail.com>
Subject groups or categories?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 21:08:18 GMT
I am new to JSPWiki and am trying to setup a wiki for our development group.

Having used TiddlyWiki extensively (http://www.tiddlywiki.com) I am used to
tagging individual pages and referencing scripts in other pages to list
pages of that type. I wonder if JSPWiki has anything like this?

For example, I can imagine creating a page and tagging it with 'MainPage'. I
would then invoke some script from the LeftMenu page that automatically
lists all pages tagged with 'MainPage'. Thus, the left menu is dynamic (in
addition to whatever static items I put there).

Further, suppose this page discusses the login dialog for our application
(call the page LoginDialog). I might also have LoginDialog-Requirements,
LoginDialog-GUIImpl, LoginDialog-ServerImpl, etc. pages. I could rely on
people to always provide a back-link to the LoginDialog page (and use the
referrers plugin to display that list), but I would rather be able to tag
all those pages as 'belonging' to LoginDialog and automatically list them as
such through a plugin on the LoginDialog page.

As a side-note: I feel this functionality is different from referrers
because referrers would list any arbitrary cross-links existing in the wiki.
The concept I am describing is like adding automatic structure to the wiki
(in that by assigning a category, another page dynamically lists links in
that category).

Does JSPWiki currently support something like this?

Being a Java developer I am fine with writing my own plugin if one does not
exist. If there is something similar in existence that I could start from, I
would appreciate a pointer.



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