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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: groups or categories?
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2008 21:10:47 GMT
Alexey Kakunin wrote:
> Murray
> Seems you did a great job - we just planned to implement oun tagging in our
> EmForge (http://www.emforge.org) project - but seems it will be better to
> reuse it.

Hi Alexey,

Yes, I'm always in favour of reuse when possible (no sense in spending
time on something that's already been accomplished), and I'm happy to
see someone using the TagPlugin as it would be good to get it tested
more thoroughly since we're also planning on using it in a production
environment within the next six months.

> I have some implementation questions:
> 1. Do you think it is hard to extract TagPlugin and TagCloudPlugin from
> Ceryle Project?

I'm happy to create a separate distribution next time I do some work
on it. This week is a bit overstretched so no promises for now but I
can probably manage it next weekend or early next week.

> 2. Is it ok to use their sources in another LGPL project (EmForge)?

All of the Ceryle project code is distributed under an Apache 2.0

> 3. How tags are stored? Is it possible to add/remove/control tags
> programattically from our source-code (for example we will wrtite own
> control to add tags)

All tags are processed by a TagManager class, see


    TagManager API

If there are specific features that you feel necessary I'm happy to
discuss them, as I might find those same features valuable in our
implementation -- we've not got that far along in the design so I'd
appreciate hearing about holes in the design/API.

> Thank you for any advise.

You're welcome.


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