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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject JSPWiki 2.6.2 released
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 06:59:22 GMT
Hi ho folks!

JSPWiki 2.6.2 has been released, and is available in the usual  
place.  Here is the ChangeLog from 2.6.1.  Cool things are loads of  
bug fixes, all new improved translations (including simplified Chinese).


2008-03-29  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.6.2

2007-03-19  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.2-rc-4

         * Fixed failing Selenium web unit tests so that they run  
         with two exceptions. See tests/etc/selenium/readme.txt; this  
         includes a few notes on how to write Selenium tests so that  
         will run automatically via the Ant "webtests" target.

2008-03-18  Juan Pablo Santos <juanpablo.santos@gmail.com>

         * 2.6.2-rc-3

         * [JSPWIKI-214].  Table with id asirra_KnobsTable had two  
         strings, added to CoreResources.properties. Detected by  
Florian Holeczek.

         * [JSPWIKI-215].  Added patches to en, nl, fi and es  
translations to fix
         a case where HTML markup was being shown.   Detected by  
Florian Holeczek.

         * [JSPWIKI-210].  Updated German localization (still thanks  
to Florian!)

2008-03-16  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.6.2-rc-2

         * Updated Dutch localization, courtesy of Harry Metske.

         * 2.6.2-rc-1

         * Updated Finnish localization.

2008-03-14  Juan Pablo Santos <juanpablo.santos@gmail.com>

         * 2.6.2-svn-7

         * [JSPWIKI-93] and [JSPWIKI-160]. Cleaned up corepages.

         * i18n of Captcha.jsp & Install.jsp, added 50 new items to

2008-03-13  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-6

         * [JSPWIKI-162].  Attachments can no longer created if the  
         page does not exist.

         * Fixes issue with renaming a non-existant page would  
destroy the Main

         * [JSPWIKI-188].  Added patch from Florian Holeczek to improve
         logging of MailUtil.

         * [JSPWIKI-189].  Added a patch from Florian to improve  
         of MailUtil.

2007-03-08  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-5

         * Tweaks to Javadoc so that they build cleanly. No  
functionality changes.

2008-03-08  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-4

         * [JSPWIKI-154].  Removed double entries from CoreResources  
and made
         sure everyone uses it.

         * [JSPWIKI-201].  Added simplified Chinese from David Gao.   

         * [JSPWIKI-161].  Added TranslationCheck from Florian  
Holeczek.  Removed
         the MissingTranslations tool, as TranslationCheck does all  
it did.

2007-3-01  Dirk Frederickx <dirk.frederickx@gmail.com>

         * Minor stylesheet updates (no version bump)

         * Leading digits for ordered lists were cut off because  
padding value was too small.
         (detected by Florian Holeczek)

         * Long headings which break into two or more lines had  
insufficient line-height, so
         they were "squeezed into one another"  (detected by Florian  

2007-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-3

         * Reverted the JSP changes from my last commit so that  
existing 2.6 deployments
         don't need to reconfigure web.xml. That commit removed the  
fmt:setBundle tag
         because of the addition of a servlet config parameter in  
web.xml. The web.xml
         modifications remain, however, so that any new JSPs won't  
need to use setBundle.
         For 2.8, we will remove the setBundle tags entirely.

2007-2-24  Andrew Jaquith <ajaquith AT apache DOT org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-2

         * [JSPWIKI-195]: Superfluous WEB-INF/i18n directory created  
during war build.
         Also, several unneeded JARs were also being included.

         * Eliminated the need to hard-code <fmr:setBundle> tags in  
JSPs by setting
         the web.xml <comtext-param>  
         so that it points to templates.default. Removed the  
setBundle tags from
         all JSPs.

2008-02-10  Janne Jalkanen <jalkanen@apache.org>

         * 2.6.2-svn-1

         * [JSPWIKI-171]: Patch for FCK editor and comment problem from
         David Au.

         * [JSPWIKI-169]: Fix to allow mail sender from JNDI in addition
         to property file.  Thanks to Dave Wolf.

         * [JSPWIKI-177]: Completely overhauled German translation,  
         to Florian Holeczek.

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