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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: some questions on JSPWiki
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 19:13:39 GMT
Dirk Frederickx wrote:
>> * There's a question "Can some scripting be used in wiki pages? Which
>>  language is used?", which is at the moment answered with "TCL
>>  plugin, JavaScript". Is this still correct and exhaustive?
> You need plugins for scripting.
> As far as I know, there is also a Groovy plugin available.

Yes, I wrote and maintain a GroovyPlugin, available at


It works fine, though I've not updated it for the latest version of
Groovy. There's even a console script, providing a scripting window
(this is provided via a Groovy script). If there's a call for an
update I can make that available (a bit busy this week though).

There is a notice on the above page that you should *never* include
scripting on a wiki exposed on the Web, as that would be a security
risk. Really bad idea. Via the plugin you can get direct access to
the JSPWiki WikiEngine.


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