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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject Re: Anything similar to wikipedia templates?
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 09:30:27 GMT
As an author/maintainer of the TranscludePlugin, I perked up my ears
when reading about this, but on looking at the WikiMedia templating
feature I frankly think it's got to be one of the ugliest things I've
seen in awhile.

What I would be willing to do is incorporate an API-like method into
the TranscludePlugin, such that someone could extend it with their
own Substitution (transform) feature. That wouldn't be a lot of work
for me, and if someone was so masochistic as to want to duplicate the
WikiMedia features, hell, all power to 'em.

If this would suit, let me know and we can discuss adding the hook
to TranscludePlugin to permit this.


Harry Metske wrote:
> There is an InsertPage plugin: http://www.jspwiki.org/wiki/InsertPage
> But it does not (yet ?) support a substitution mechanism, I also don't think
> anyone is working on that right now.
> So, take your chance....
> regards,
> Harry
> 2008/2/7, lgilardoni61@gmail.com <lgilardoni61@gmail.com>:
>> All, I was wondering about a plugin similar to the template one in
>> wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Template) which basically
>> is an include
>> mechanism with substitutions.
>> Just wondering however if there isn't already any way to obtain the same
>> result, OR if someone is already doing this ...
>> Luca

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