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From Janne Jalkanen <janne.jalka...@iki.fi>
Subject Re: JSPWiki "Special Pages"
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 09:13:20 GMT
Any JSP page or plugin can request custom scripts to be added to the
<head> by calling TemplateManager.addResourceRequest().  No need to
rewrite ViewTemplate.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 09:48:13AM +0100, Matthias K├Ąppler wrote:
> Hi,
> 2007/11/27, Terry Steichen <terry@net-frame.com>:
> >
> > ...  With that
> > caveat, I'll give you a few thoughts on how I use custom JSP pages with
> > JSPWiki.
> > ...
> Thanks for your explanations.
> What was really making trouble was the linking of script files in the JSP
> that will be included as a special page. These scripts would be included as
> part of the "pageContent" DIV, which itself was part of a HTML table and
> HTML does not allow script tags at this point.
> I solved the problem by rewriting ViewTemplate so that in <head> it checks
> for the current request context and if it matches my special page, it will
> include a MyCoolPageHeader.jsp containing all script tags. However, this
> means that for every special page I would have to modify ViewTemplate and
> check for some specific request context. Not the most beautiful of
> approaches, but it works.
> Having said all this, I invite Andrew to comment.  He's a very smart guy
> > who knows a LOT more about security than do I.  There may be some
> > problems in this approach I'm not aware of.  (As I prepare to post this,
> > I notice that Andrew seems to have shifted his view a bit, but I'd still
> > like his comments about this approach.)
> Sure. I was just somewhat surprised by his answer, but he already said it
> was a misunderstanding so no problem here. My apologies if I didn't make
> myself clear enough in the first place.
> Thanks,
> Matthias

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