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From Siegfried Goeschl <Siegfried.Goes...@willhaben.at>
Subject Current progress on jspwiki-portable ...
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2014 10:21:34 GMT
Hi folks,

I started to work last weekend and it was a lot harder than expected :)

1. Native Launchers

Native launchers for Mac OS are difficult nowadays due to the fact the Apple is not longer
shipping Java & build tools. My current tool chain is stuck to Apple’s JDK 1.6

2. Jetty versus Tomcat

After some frustration with Jetty I kicked it out and replaces it with Tomcat 7.0.52

* Jetty is getting bigger and bigger with every major release (the same is true for me) and
the small memory foot print was my initial motivation to stick with Jetty
* I had some strange class loader issues which is fine since I did strange things but I feel
more at home with Tomcat
* Adding GZIP compression requires tinkering with web.xml

3. Portable Wiki Setup

I tried to put all libraries to $CATALINA_HOME/lib and simulate multiple wikis using a light-weight
web archive - this is a bit dangerous but it worked for 2.9x.

It stopped workig with 2.10 due to

* class loader issued in PropertyReader
* class loader issues with page caching

3.1 Ad PropertyReader

propertyStream = PropertyReader.class.getResourceAsStream( CUSTOM_JSPWIKI_CONFIG );

tries to read the property file from the same class loader which fails if the libs are placed
on $CATALINA_HOME/lib whereas the following statement uses the class loader of the deployed
web app

propertyStream =  context.getResourceAsStream("/WEB-INF/classes" + CUSTOM_JSPWIKI_CONFIG);

I prepare a patch for it

3.2 Ad Page Caching

Found a similar issue here - due to my setup there is ONLY ONE cache and as cache key the
page name is used

I have the following options

* jspwiki.usePageCache=false is a work around
* use the context name or appId as additional key for the cache

The current state

* I can build a ready-to-use JSP Wiki using Tomcat using Maven & Ant plugin
* I setup two pre-configured wiki instances
* Eating my own dog food - migrate all my existing wiki to 2.10


Siegfried Goeschl

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