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From "Roberto Venturi" <Ro...@Mercurio.It>
Subject New and clean JSPWiki with old & dusty proprietary authenticator
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:26:20 GMT
Hi everybody,
suppose you have a custom, proprietary, not standard, old & dusty  
authentication engine (it's really so).

Suppose that all users call a standard page to enter into JSPWiki  
(rovenLoginPage.jsp as an example)

After some handshake with the "old & dusty auth. manager", the  
rovenLoginPage.jsp knows everything about the caller (user name, id,  
groups, shoes's number, eye's color, etc..)  but here is the question:
how can it force theese authenticated values into wiki engine (shoes's  
number is not important, really :-) )?

If you want not suppose so much . . . :-) :-)

I need a page who, when called, set "Mickey Mouse" as wiki user and  
assign him to group "mouses".

Thanks again,

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