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From Christian Lerch <christian.le...@km-works.eu>
Subject Mathematics-enabled JSPWiki
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 11:44:42 GMT
Hi folks,
I finally managed to to bring online a mathematics-enabled version of 
JSPWiki and I invite those of you ,who may be interested in what else 
can be done with JSPWiki, to visit my site over at 
http://km-works.eu/mathel-wiki/ (please, please do use Firefox, cause 
nothing else comes close to it, when it comes to render MathML !!!)
I decided to disable self-registration for the being, with anonymous 
access allowed to all content, nevertheless.
If somebody wants to have a test drive, please drop me a line, and I 
will create an account for you.
As always, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.
Cheers & Thanks for your great work,

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