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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: PageViewPlugin
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 06:40:09 GMT

You mean something like mix:referenceable? (aka  
Session.getNodeByUUID())? ;-)


On Sep 1, 2009, at 01:07 , Murray Altheim wrote:

> Janne Jalkanen wrote:
>> The first determination would be to decide whether this data should  
>> be stored as a Property of a WikiPage or as a generic binary blob  
>> under some special page...
>> Easiest would be to simply define a special page and then store it  
>> as a Binary blob there.  This would mirror the current storage in  
>> workDir.
>> JSPWiki stores currently the WikiPages as JCR Node /pages/<space  
>> name>/<wikiname>.  We could store the data under / 
>> wiki:PageViewPlugin/, perhaps? But that means that you need to  
>> access the JCR store directly (using the JSR-170 API), and it might  
>> not be import/exportable. THe other possibility is to define a / 
>> pages/<space name>/System:PageViewPlugin or something and store it  
>> there, but then it becomes tied to a particular wikispace  
>> (=something else than a static var is needed to store the data).
>> Opinions?
> Another approach is modularising various functionality via linked web
> services, which we've been doing for about a year now. This might not
> be appropriate for this instance but I thought to mention it.
> We've been using REST-style web services for a number of things, where
> the ties between a page and some kind of related metadata is weaker
> than might be for what we normally consider page-level metadata, or
> in instances where we don't want to "corrupt" the page record with
> content not properly part of the page itself (such as user comments).
> We're doing this for a prototype chat service and for a network status
> feature (where our engineers alter status information on a separate
> web service site and it shows up on the wiki using a plugin), but it
> occurs to me there might be other appropriate uses.
> This kind of modularity has been valuable and has kept our wiki  
> content
> cleaner, with the links always via wiki page name. One of the projects
> in the plans is a persistent identifier (permalink/tinyurl) web  
> service,
> where the canonical identifier for a wiki page would be a persistent
> identifier (PID) rather than the wiki page name (which could change).
> This would require the addition of the PID to the wiki page metadata
> and a simple resolver from PID to wiki page URL (which could be done
> via a fielded Lucene search or a hashtable). The PID then becomes the
> common link between web service and wiki page, which makes more sense
> than using a mutable wiki page name. With the move to a Priha/JSR-170
> style backend this might be easier than with the 2.8.2 code base.
> Some ideas anyway...
> Murray
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