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From Janne Jalkanen <Janne.Jalka...@ecyrd.com>
Subject Re: WikiPlugins and 3.0, was -> RE: Idea? Auto-update (Ecplise-like) mechanism for JSPWiki plugins.
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 19:01:33 GMT

> I don't have any problem with the parameter handling myself. Most of
> my issues have to do with plugin paths and deployment. There needs to
> be some way of specifying compatibility and dependency, and to do so
> within the code of the plugin rather than some external file. I'm keen
> to hear more of what John has to say in this regard, and I haven't had
> a chance to look at the new API you've done (indeed, I didn't  
> notice it
> in the code as I've been deploying a few wikis which has kept me  
> busy).

I highly recommend subscribing to the jspwiki-commits (which you  
should be on anyway, since you're a committer) mailing list.

It's a good idea to propose something NOW, as opposed to after 3.0 is  
released. ;-)

>> I've got three or four templates *I* think look more attractive  
>> than the
> default, though they were designed for specific branding and would  
> require
> some reworking. I'd be willing to submit one of them if Dirk or  
> someone
> wanted to fix up the JavaScript issues that might arise. I do have a
> graphic design background (though I'm loath to admit it at times). I
> could post some screenshots if you were interested.


> naked eye, so it's a bit of a shame. We look clean but naked. [In some
> circles that's a Good Thing.]

Well, if we were dirty and naked I think that would get us some free  
publicity.  And probably a short jail sentence.

Which, in some circles, is also a good thing.


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