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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject OpenID support in JSPWiki?
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 10:44:18 GMT
Hi all,

A few months ago at a conference a proponent of OpenID made
a presentation about the state of the project. Afterwards I
talked with him about the possibilities of getting OpenID
support into JSPWiki. He mentioned that he'd talked with
Janne last year sometime and that it would definitely be a
win-win for everyone. I'm trying to follow up to see if
anyone knows of any existing work being done in this area.
We're interested in pursuing this and *may* be able to
contribute developer time and/or funding -- though I myself
am in no position to make an actual offer (only suggest it
might be possible, as I'm not in control of a budget).

We're looking at various AAA alternatives for single sign-on,
and there's various other agencies as well trying to figure
out what direction to take, so this goes well beyond wikis.
We're also looking into alternatives such as Shibboleth (SAML),


    JSPWIKI-94 New Feature (from Janne)

    message from Harry Metske (Jan 08)

    OpenID-LDAP (i.e., LDAP backend)

    Using OpenID (article)

    OpenID4Java (Google Code)

    OpenID (Wikipedia)

    [OpenID] Webapp OpenID Login Filter (defunct)

    OpenID prototype using JSPWiki (defunct)

Regarding those last two posts, I've sent a message off to
jack@jackpot.uk.net (Jack) to see if there's any reply.

Any information very welcome.


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