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From Andrew Jaquith <arj.onl...@mac.com>
Subject The unspeakable horror of UserPreferences
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 00:22:56 GMT
Hi all --

I'm working my way through the various JSPs, in an effort to make them  
a little more Stripes-friendly. The side-effect of re-working the JSPs  
is that I get to do a little code-reviewing while I'm at it.

I've been looking at PreferencesTab.jsp in particular. It's a  
little... complex. When about 3/4 of a JSP is scriptlet code, that  
tends to suggest an opportunity to refactor.

Taking a look at the code, I've got a few reactions and  
recommendations -- in order of priority.

First, I'd like to see the various user preferences bits become part  
of a proper Java class, rather than continue to get bigger and bigger  
as scriptlet code in the JSPs. As happens, the preferences themselves  
are just String key/value pairs.

It seems to me that the logical thing to do is to make it a Map that  
is returned (or settable) via something like WikiSession. Thus, in  
JSPs or other classes, all you'd need to do is grab the WikiSession  
reference and know that you could also retrieve the user prefs easily.  
Doing it this way would also eliminate the need to store the  
preferences in the session directly. This would also mean we could  
dismantle the Preferences class and package and move its functions  
into UserManager and SessionMonitor.

Recommended priority: for 2.8.

Second, we should start using JSP expression language more for prefs,  
and use 'injection' techniques via filters to make things like  
preferences available as variables. In particular, methods that must  
execute on "all pages," and only execute once, are candidates for  
injection. Example: Preferences.setupPreferences is called ONLY ONCE  
in a JSP that all pages load: commonheader. It would be better to  
simply use WikiServletFilter to inject the preferences Map as "$ 
{wikiPreferences}" or something similar.

Recommended priority: for 2.8.

Third, a long (long!) time ago, Janne and I discussed adding some  
capabilities to the UserManager/UserDatabase classes that would allow   
persistent storage of preferences. To keep things flexible, I think  
the best way to store these things is to simply create an additional  
table (in the JDBC case) that would stash key/value pairs. In the XML  
case, we could add 'pref' elements as children of each 'user' element.  
Doing it this way would enable us to store an unlimited number of  
preferences, for anything we could imagine. I suspect Dirk can imagine  
quite a lot of things. :)

Recommended priority: for 3.0.

Lastly, I'd like to understand the JSON side of things a bit more.  
What are we doing with it?

I'd like to get the dev team's thoughts on all this. Before I do ANY  
of this, I've got to get the Selenium webtests working, so that's  
priority 1.


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