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From "Dirk Frederickx" <dirk.frederi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JSPWiki 2.6.0 release
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 20:37:18 GMT
> Dirk, regarding using two web unit testing tools (one for non-JS tests
> and one for JS-related-tests): I don't think this is a good idea.
> Let's find one tool that works in both scenarios. I thought Selenium
> might be that tool, but its incompatibility with Mootools rules it out
> for now.

Actually, I was thinking about unit test on the jspwiki-xxx.js,
actually the client side of it, which could be based on a javascript
test library.
something like a TestJavascriptStuff.html page running all js tests.
Obviously, this page could be called from a automation tool, run under

> Question: how much dependency do your scripts have on Mootools? Would
> it be hard to switch to Prototype or Dojo? I certainly don't want the
> testing tail to wag the coding dog here, but I thought I'd ask. As it
> happens, the Stripes guys say nice things about Prototype.

BrushedTemplate was originally based on Prototype, but I moved quickly
to mootools as it is a much more lightweight, faster library and has a
much cleaner api.
MooTools is very much the heart of most of the effects. So no option
to remove it, I'm afraid.


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