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From Murray Altheim <murra...@altheim.com>
Subject question on FindContent.jsp
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 11:26:56 GMT

I've made some modifications to FindContent.jsp to include another JSP
called FindOptions.jsp, which adds more options to the drop-down menu,
in particular:

   _Lucene field_     _menu command_
    DC.title:          Title
    DC.creator:        Creator
    DC.contributor:    Contributor
    DC.subject:        Keywords
    DC.description:    Description
    DCTERMS.abstract:  Abstract

Things seem to work just fine, except that if there is content in the
input text field the behaviour is not quite right. For example, if I
enter "Snyder" in the search box and then select "Author" from the
menu, the contents change to


and if I select another of the existing menu items (that are part of
the default FindContent.jsp) the "author:" is correctly removed and
the new menu selection prepended, e.g., "author:Syncer" becomes
"name:Snyder". But if I start with one of the new items and then
select another of the new menu items the text field isn't correctly
cleared and I end up with, e.g., "DC.subject:DC.creator:Snyder". I'm
guessing this *may* have something to do with the '.' character in
the field name (?), dunno.

How does one clear that field? I can't seem to find the code that
does that?



PS, this functionality basically permits (via an extension of the
form plugin) entry of bibliographic records which can then be
searched on using Dublin Core fields (as above). It's been trickier
than I'd thought but it's tentatively working... a wiki as a digital
library catalog.
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