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From mets...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1498638 - /incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default_pt_BR.properties
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 19:36:01 GMT
Author: metskem
Date: Mon Jul  1 19:36:01 2013
New Revision: 1498638

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1498638
removed all keys with english values (so our translations check can properly report them as


Modified: incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default_pt_BR.properties
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default_pt_BR.properties?rev=1498638&r1=1498637&r2=1498638&view=diff
--- incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default_pt_BR.properties
+++ incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default_pt_BR.properties
Mon Jul  1 19:36:01 2013
@@ -441,228 +441,8 @@ prefs.cookie.info=Essa wiki automaticame
     recurso, seu navegador precisa aceitar cookies desse \
     website. Quando você clicar em “salvar perfil,” o cookie \
     será salvo no seu navegador.
-prefs.acl.info=Access control lists or wiki groups containing your identity \
-    should specify your name or wiki name. You are also member \
-    of the above Roles and Groups.
-prefs.lastmodified=You created your profile on {0}, and last saved it on {1}
-prefs.save.description=Click “save profile” to save your wiki profile.
-prefs.save.submit=Save profile
-prefs.create.submit=Create New User Profile
-prefs.creationdate=Creation date
-prefs.profile.lastmodified=Last modified
-# Workflow generic messages
-workflow.heading=Your Workflow Items
-workflow.instructions=This page contains information \
-    on workflows that you initiated, or have been asked to act on.
-workflow.noinstructions=You do not have any workflow items.
-workflow.actor.instructions=You need to take action on the following workflows:
-workflow.owner.instructions=You started the following workflows:
-workflow.actor=Current actor
-workflow.submit=Do it
-workflow.details.title=Show or hide details
-# Specific workflow/decision messages
-workflow.saveWikiPage=Save wiki page <strong>{2}</strong>
-decision.saveWikiPage=Approve page <strong>{2}</strong>
-notification.saveWikiPage.reject=Your request to save page <strong>{2}</strong>
was rejected.
-fact.pageName=Page name
-fact.diffText=Difference between proposed and current version
-fact.isAuthenticated=Is Authenticated?
-select.one=(select one)
-decision.createUserProfile=New user profile <strong>{2}</strong>
-notification.createUserProfile.accept.subject=Bem-vindo ao {0}\!
-notification.createUserProfile.accept.content=Parabéns\! Seu novo perfil em {0} foi criado.
Seguem os detalhes\: \n\nLogin:\: {1} \nNome \: {2} \nE-Mail:    \: {3} \n\nSe você esquecer
sua senha você pode resetá-la em {4}.
-notification.createUserProfile.reject=Your request to create a user profile was rejected.
-#  PreviewContent.jsp
-preview.info=This is a <strong>preview</strong>!  \
-    Hit &#8220;Keep Editing&#8221; to go back to the editor, \
-    or hit &#8220;Save&#8221; if you&#8217;re happy with what you see.
-#  SearchBox.jsp
-sbox.search.submit=Quick Navigation
-sbox.view.title=View the selected page
-sbox.edit.title=Edit the selected page
-sbox.clone.title=Clone the selected page
-sbox.find.title=Advanced Search
-sbox.search.result=Quick search
-sbox.search.target=(type ahead)
-sbox.recentsearches=Recent Searches
-# UploadTemplate.jsp
-# move all to attach.
-upload.title={0}: Add Attachment
-upload.heading.upload=Upload new attachment to {0}
-upload.attachments=Current attachments
-upload.info=In order to upload a new attachment to this page, please use \
-    the following box to find the file, then click on &#8220;Upload&#8221;.
-upload.done=If you are done uploading, you may wish to return to {0}
-# ViewTemplate.jsp
-# 0 : Application Name
-# 1 : Page name
-view.title.view={0}: {1}
-# The built-in editors also have their localized strings in this file.
-editor.plain.name=Your <span class='accesskey'>n</span>ame
-editor.plain.remember=Remember me?
-editor.plain.email=Homepage or e<span class='accesskey'>m</span>ail
-editor.plain.save.title=Save [ s ]
-editor.plain.preview.title=Preview [ v ]
-editor.plain.cancel.title=Cancel editing. Your changes will be lost. [ q ]
-editor.plain.changenote=Change Note
-editor.commentsignature=Comment signature
-editor.plain.matchcase=Match Case
-editor.plain.global=Replace all
-editor.plain.redo.title=Redo last Undo
-editor.plain.undo.title=Undo last replace [ z ]
-#new since v2.5.100
-editor.plain.posteditor=Enter Keyword+Tab:
-editor.plain.posteditor.title=shift+enter for next next field
-editor.plain.smartpairs= Smart Typing Pairs
-editor.plain.smartpairs.title= Auto pairing of () [] {} &lt;&gt; &quot;&quot;
-editor.plain.tabcompletion=Tab Completion (keyword+Tab)
-editor.plain.tabcompletion.title=Auto expansion of keyword to Wiki Markup
-#editor.plain.editassist=Edit Assist
-#editor.plain.editassist.title=Toggle Edit Assist buttons
-editor.plain.sneakpreview=Sneak Preview
-editor.plain.sneakpreview.title=Sneak Preview. \
-    Click outside the textarea to refresh the sneak preview area.
-editor.plain.tbLink.title=link - Insert wiki link
-editor.plain.tbH1.title=h1 - Insert heading1
-editor.plain.tbH2.title=h2 - Insert heading2
-editor.plain.tbH3.title=h3 - Insert heading3
-editor.plain.tbHR.title=hr - Insert horizontal ruler
-editor.plain.tbBR.title=br - Insert line break
-editor.plain.tbPRE.title=pre - Insert preformatted block
-editor.plain.tbDL.title=dl - Insert definition list
-editor.plain.tbMONO.title=mono - monospace
-editor.plain.tbSUP.title=sup - superscript
-editor.plain.tbSUB.title=sub - subscript
-editor.plain.tbSTRIKE.title=strike - strikethrough
-editor.plain.tbTOC.title=toc - Insert table of contents
-editor.plain.tbTAB.title=tab - Insert tabbed section
-editor.plain.tbTABLE.title=table - Insert table
-editor.plain.tbIMG.title=img - Insert image
-editor.plain.tbCODE.title=code - Insert code block
-editor.plain.tbQUOTE.title=quote - Insert quoted block
-editor.plain.tbSIGN.title=sign - Insert your signature
-editor.preview.edit.submit=Keep editing
-editor.preview.edit.title=Continue to edit the current page [ e ]
-editor.preview.save.title=Save the current page [ s ]
-editor.preview.cancel.title=Cancel editing. Your changes will be lost. [ q ]
-editor.fck.noscript=You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use the FCK editor
-editor.wikiwizard.noscript=You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use the WikiWizard
-editor.wikiwizard.noapplet=Applets are currently not supported by your browser. \
-    Please <a href="http://www.java.com/">download Java</a>, so you can use the
WikiWizard editor.
-#blog texts in various JSPs
-blog.backtomain=Back to main blog page
-blog.addcomments=Add new comments
-#  The Javascript stuff
-javascript.edit.allsections=( All )
-javascript.edit.startOfPage=( Start of page )
-javascript.edit.findandreplace.nomatch=No match found!
-javascript.edit.toolbar.makeSelection=Please make first a selection.
-javascript.edit.resize=Drag to resize the text area
-javascript.edit.areyousure=Without clicking the Save button, your changes will be lost. \
-    Are you sure you want to exit this page?
-javascript.favs.show=Click to show Favorites
-javascript.favs.hide=Click to hide Favorites
-javascript.quick.edit.title=Edit section {0}...
-javascript.collapse=Click to collapse
-javascript.expand=Click to expand
-javascript.sort.click=Click to sort
-javascript.sort.ascending=Ascending order. Click to reverse sort order
-javascript.sort.descending=Descending order. Click to reverse sort order
-javascript.filter.all=( All )
-javascript.group.validName=Please provide a valid name for the new Group
-javascript.category.title=Click to show category [{0}] ...
-javascript.slimbox.info=Image {0} of {1}
-javascript.slimbox.error=<h2>Error</h2>There was a problem with your request.<br
/>Please try again
-javascript.slimbox.directLink=Direct Link to the target
-javascript.slimbox.remoteRequest=Remote Request {0} of {1}
-javascript.slimbox.close=Close &#215;
-javascript.slimbox.close.title=Close [Esc]
-javascript.sectionediting.label=Section Overview
-javascript.prefs.areyousure=Without clicking the Save User Preferences button, \
-	your changes will be lost. Are you sure you want to exit this page?
\ No newline at end of file
+# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
+# There are a lot of keys still missing here, please add your translations below.
+# You can find them in the file default.properties or at
+#   http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/jspwiki/trunk/jspwiki-war/src/main/resources/templates/default.properties?view=co
+# ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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