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From juanpa...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1363476 - /incubator/jspwiki/site/trunk/content/jspwiki/development/building.mdtext
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 18:57:33 GMT
Author: juanpablo
Date: Thu Jul 19 18:57:33 2012
New Revision: 1363476

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building from source section


Added: incubator/jspwiki/site/trunk/content/jspwiki/development/building.mdtext
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+Title: Building Source
+Since you have the source, you'll probably want to know how to compile it. 
+Some of JSPWiki is in the form of JSP pages, so you don't need to compile them: 
+the JSP container will take care of that.  However, there are a bunch of Java 
+files, which you'll want to compile.
+## Requirements
+You'll need the following programs:
+  * J2SDK 5.0 (I use the one from Sun Microsystems; I haven't tested any others.)
+  * Apache Ant 1.6 (available from http://ant.apache.org)
+  * Servlet API 2.4 (servlet-api.jar, available from Sun Microsystems.)
+  * JUnit 3.8.2 (from www.junit.org, required for running tests)
+You'll also need Internet access in order to download JSPWiki's dependencies.
+## Building
+Ant is the build system.
+Everything should Just Compile, when you say '`ant`', assuming you have 
+everything in your path. 
+There are few targets:
+    ant dist   : builds a full distribution.
+    ant javadoc: builds the javadocs into doc/javadoc
+    ant compile: just the basic compile, thankyouverymuch
+    ant tests  : runs JUnit tests.
+    ant jar    : builds the JSPWiki.jar into build/
+    ant war    : builds the JSPWiki.war that can be deployed to your webcontainer
+You can customize your compilation by changing the contents of the 
+`build.properties` file, or better yet, make your own compilation script where 
+you override the `build.properties-property`.  For example, to use your own 
+`build.properties-file` called "`my.properties`", make a small shell script and 
+call it "`my_build.sh`":
+    #!/bin/sh
+    ant -Dbuild.properties=/path/to/my.properties
+To be a little bit more productive you probably want to use Eclipse.
+To get JSPWiki build from within Eclipse, here are a few guidelines:
+  * first install the SVN Eclipse Plugin (the JSPWiki sources are in `svn.(eu.)apache.org`)
+  * create a new SVN Project and check out the trunk (`(incubator/)jspwiki/trunk`)
+  * the only thing you probably have to change is the buildpath (see properties of the project)
+  * then the sources should be compiled correctly
+  * to run a build, switch to the Ant View and add the build.xml buildfile
+  * then you can choose the Ant target by double clicking on it
+  ** the Ant `init` target must be called at least once in order to download the required
+Directory structure
+`src` contains the source code (under `org/apache/wiki`).
+`src/webdocs` contains all the files that are published in the final webapps 
+directory, including all of the deployment files under WEB-INF.
+`src/wikipages` contains a number of ready-made Wikipages called the core 
+pages. There is a subdirectory for each language that is supported. Feel free 
+to use them.
+`tests` contains a number of tests which you can run by saying `ant tests`.  
+If any of them fail, you know you've broken something.
+`etc` contains all configuration files.
+`lib` and `tests/lib` contains all libraries that are required to run and test 
+JSPWiki.  Note, however, that they aren't included in the source distribution.  
+They're automatically downloaded from `init` target.
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