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From jalka...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r690576 - /incubator/jspwiki/trunk/ReleaseNotes
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2008 20:23:09 GMT
Author: jalkanen
Date: Sat Aug 30 13:23:08 2008
New Revision: 690576

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=690576&view=rev
JSPWIKI-340: Updated.


Modified: incubator/jspwiki/trunk/ReleaseNotes
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/jspwiki/trunk/ReleaseNotes?rev=690576&r1=690575&r2=690576&view=diff
--- incubator/jspwiki/trunk/ReleaseNotes (original)
+++ incubator/jspwiki/trunk/ReleaseNotes Sat Aug 30 13:23:08 2008
@@ -1,84 +1,45 @@
-This is a stable release of JSPWiki 2.6.  Welcome to the new, all-seeing,
-all-dancing, all-spanking JSPWiki!
+This is a beta release of JSPWiki 2.8!
-This is the final release of JSPWiki as LGPL software.  The development of
-JSPWiki moves to the Apache Incubation process, and in the future, you can
-find JSPWiki from the Apache website.  For more information, please see
+This is the first version of JSPWiki which is released completely under
+the Apache License.  This is done as a part of the transition to the
+Apache Incubation.
-Please report any issues you can find at http://issues.apache.org/JIRA/
+However, this is NOT an Apache release - JSPWiki 3.0 will be the first
+official Apache release.
-Fixed issues since 2.6.0:
+Please report any issues you can find at http://issues.apache.org/JIRA/
-* JSPWiki source code requires JDK 1.5 to compile, though it should
-  still run under JDK 1.4.
-* Workflow packages (e.g. for moderating page edits or registrations)
-* Internationalization.  Included are English, Finnish, German and Spanish
-  translations.
-* Spaces in wikinames are now allowed for a more natural-looking page content.
-  However, this does not break existing links - but names with spaces are
-  preferred.
+* JSPWiki now requires JDK 1.5 to run!
-* Support for new link target types, e.g. [cool link|http://google.com|target='_blank']
-  to open the link in a new window.
+* Simplified Chinese and Dutch localizations added!
-* SisterSites support
+* There is no more need for JAAS files!  Hooray!  This has
+  been replaced with custom jspwiki properties.
-* Local security policies - no more need to use a global security policy
-  to configure JSPWiki security!
+* Massive improvements to the default template, like
+  section editing.
+* Sneak preview in the default editor
-* Improved SpamFilter, including Captcha support (currently only supports ASIRRA)
+* WikiWizard is removed (it is LGPL), but FCK integration is available.
-* Far improved FCK WYSIWYG editor support
+* German language corepages
-* All new default template with all sorts of awesome goodies, such as upload
-  progress indicator, etc!  It is based on the ever-popular BrushedTemplate!
+The full log of any issues fixed can be found at:
-* No more JAR signing!  Unfortunately, though, if you're running JSPWiki with
-  a global security policy, you will still need to sign the JAR yourself using
-  the "ant signjar" command.
-This is just a quick overview.  The full list of what is new in 2.6 can be seen at
+Please also see http://www.jspwiki.org/wiki/NewIn2.8
-Upgrading from 2.4:
-* Reinstall in a new directory
-* You can copy old templates directly to the new templates
-  directory.  Templates should be for the most part be compatible
-  between 2.6 and 2.4 - though obviously most 2.4 templates do
-  not have localization.
-* Copy old jspwiki.properties over the default jspwiki.properties
-  and everything should just work.
-* Copy old filters.xml to new WEB-INF/classes directory
-* Optional: check your jspwiki.policy file against the new one:
-  some definitions have changed.
-Upgrading from earlier installations:
-* Please make a complete reinstall.  Your wiki pages will still be
-  compatible, and the configuration for the most part.
-Please visit http://doc.jspwiki.org/2.4/ for further instructions.
+Please see the UPGRADING document in this same directory.
@@ -90,6 +51,7 @@
 * WebDAV support.  This is known to be broken on pretty many levels...
+* Admin interface.  Check out /admin/Admin.jsp.
@@ -104,9 +66,6 @@
   2) any plugin, which constructs new WikiPages will fail because
      of the constructor has been changed.
-* The default template does not work at all if you turn off
-  Javascript.  We are aware of this and working on a fix.
 * Our documentation simply sucks at this point.  Please forgive us,
   and point where those fixes are needed.  We will improve upon
   this during our progress towards a stable.

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